Suzuki MR-Wagon Debuts

Suzuki further demonstrated its skill at getting the maximum space inside the smallest exterior dimensions with the display at the Frankfurt Motor Show of the MR-Wagon. This stylish one-box design combines the interior space of a small family wagon with the exterior dimensions of a small hatch back, made possible by its short bonnet, overall height and extremely efficient use of interior space.

The MR-Wagon has its engine positioned in the middle of the vehicle, allowing for a very short nose, while a long wheelbase contributes to the spacious cabin and exemplary luggage space. The front seat is a single bench, with a flat floor uninterrupted by a transmission tunnel, releasing more space to the occupants of the MR-Wagon. In the rear of the vehicle, the seats fold completely flat into the floor, giving the Suzuki the real flexibility of a van or wagon.

To meet Europe’s continuing demand for downsizing, which means an increased demand for small, but luxuriously equipped cars, the Suzuki MR-Wagon has a high level of interior trim and equipment, with polished wood used to good effect on the dashboard, doors and even the seats. The interior is completed by the use of high quality clothes and standard equipment includes a satellite navigation system.


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